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Young Children with Autism May Have Abnormal Brain Connections

Researchers say MRI images could lead to earlier diagnosis and treatments for preschoolers with autism. One expert, however, said more detailed study is needed.
Preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder may have abnormal connections between networks of their brain. Researchers say these abnormalities can be seen using special magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment. They say the imaging could help in early diagnosis and treatment interventions for young children with autism. They published their findings today in the journal Radiology. Studying young brains The researchers studied 21 preschool boys and girls with a mean age of 4 1/2 years. They compared those results with 21 children of similar age with typical development. The researchers used an MRI technique called diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), a process that focuses on the brain’s white matter. The scientists used a graph theory with the DTI results to get a better understanding of the level of connection between brain netwo…

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