Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Baby Toys: How to Hedge Your Bets and Purchase a Winner 12-24 Month Olds

Smartest Baby Toys for 12-24 Month Olds

Two Ways to Hedge Your Baby Toy Shopping Bets

Trust Me:  Ignore “Recommended Age”

I’ve found the “recommended age” to be too vague to be practically helpful.  Even if it says for 6+ months, some five-month-olds may be skillfully ready for that toy.  (If you don’t know what skills your baby’s brain is working on – this can help!)
The one age-phrase I ALWAYS listen to is the “not for children under three”.  That means there are small parts in the toy that can be choked on.  Never purchase a toy with small parts for a young child.
If you have older kids in the house, create “baby-free” zones so your older kids can enjoy those toys without endangering your little explorer.
By letting your baby’s current development (and not a box label) be your guide, you’re more likely to find a good toy match.

They Win Awards for a Reason

Another great smart-shopping technique is to look for those toys who have been given awards and highly rated by other parents.
These are the “tells” of a good purchase.
I take several weeks to do all kinds of toy research and uncover the award-winners and highly-rated parent toys that greatly increase your chances of selecting a winner.
You can see this year’s list of winners above, or if nothing there piqued your curiousity, check out the Best of the Brain-Boosting Baby Toys in 2013 for some fresh inspiration!
Have you tried any of these toys?
I’d love to hear what you thought of them!