Wednesday, December 28, 2016

27 Interesting And Pleasant Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Classic Bedtime Stories

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Inspiring Bedtime Stories

Nighty night.

It is time to sleep, and you cannot wait to hit the bed. You tuck in your little angels in bed and kiss them good night. As you turn away, a little voice says, “read us a story, mommy.” Despite being tired, you go back and pick up a book. Soon, you and the kids drift into a world of fiction, where elephants fly, frogs sing, lions dance and unicorns are real!

There is nothing more joyous than reading a story with your little one. At MomJunction, we love telling stories. So here is our list of the best bedtime stories for kids you can get your hands on.

Classic Bedtime Stories
Let’s begin with the classic bedtime stories that are about going to bed, saying ‘I love you’ and sleeping.